Repair turn around time is 10 days.

Sustainability Practices

Since our beginning in 1986, we have been committed to positively reflecting on the environmental impact we pose. As a business that thrives in the outdoor economy, we understand the intrinsic ties we have to the natural environment and the responsibility to care for it. We are capable of making the largest impact with the textiles we use for repair, the cleaners we wash with, and the recycling of old fabric and gear.


As Gore-Tex® Fabric specialists, we understand the importance of performance technologies. This is why we clean and reuse fabric and materials from recycled or abandoned garments and gear. Not only does this allow us to utilize raw materials not readily available to the public, but it greatly reduces the amount of waste that we and our warranty partners produce.


All of our in-house cleaning products used for technical laundering services are produced by NikWax. The first carbon-balanced company in the outdoor industry, NikWax has pioneered the use of sustainable and eco-friendly cleaners that are free of any harmful chemicals that may be left behind during the washing process.


Not all fabric we receive in shop can be re-used for repair purposes. We process these fabrics and donate to programs that recycle them into simple textiles, stuffing, or insulation products.