Repair turn around time is 10 days.



Authorized by W. L. Gore & Associates, Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. has been providing warranty services for manufacturers around the world for 35 years. Our enduring manufacturers include REI (30+ years), Mammut (15+ years), and Sitka (10+ years).

Whether we are performing the initial assessment with the customer or acting as support for your consumer services, our experienced customer service staff and highly skilled sewers will solve your warranty, repair, and care issues. All Rainy Pass Repair, Inc services are tailored to best fit the needs of your team.

Our services include:

  • Easy setup
  • Exceptional customer service
  • FACTORY FINISH repairs, alterations, and cleaning
  • Customized reporting
  • Fastest turnaround time available

Contact us for a detailed analysis for your next warranty repair process.


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc will extend your customer service, resulting in return customers. As a drop-off point for repairs, purchasers will visit your store twice for each item they need serviced. Additionally, simply referring customers to us for needs beyond retail sales will help build brand loyalty. Consumers appreciate the convenience of Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, from repairs to cleaning.

We will cut your costs on returns for faulty gear. Our repair services are an alternative to replacing products with simple defects or problems.

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc is also available as a featured attraction for store events. Our Mobile Sewing Service trailer provides free repairs at events throughout the Northwest.


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc corrects manufacturing defects, eliminating the time needed to return products overseas. We will set up a production line specific to your product’s needs in order to get your items back to the marketplace as soon as possible.

  • Free consultation and assessment of needs and serviceability
  • Fast and efficient US based facility
  • Tailored to your specific needs and turn around
  • Factory Finish quality


All corporate accounts have free access to our facility and staff for product reviews. Rainy Pass Repair, Inc is an excellent resource for better understanding common design and construction issues. Our 30+ years of experience lends us an unparalleled lens for seeing and determining manufacture defects versus use-wear or user error.

We also offer consultation service for extended or off-site projects such as factory visits and team meetings.

  • Unrivaled experience in understanding use-wear versus defect
  • Comprehensive reporting on product run defects
  • Expert knowledge of construction techniques for long term solutions


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc offers cut and sew services for custom prototyping and small-run production. Whether you have the design in hand and simply need the goods constructed, or you have a product solution but are not sure how to proceed, we are here to help your idea become reality.

  • Consultation services for product development
  • Product testing capabilities
  • Durable long lasting design and construction solutions