Expert Tent & Rain Fly Repairs since 1986.

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. provides sewing repairs for camping & backpacking tents with up to an 8 x 8′ footprint that are made of nylon, polyester, or specialized technical fabrics such as GORE-TEX® or Sil-Nylon. 

Tent Patching

We can patch tent walls, floor and screens. We will patch with the same type of material and always try our best to match fabric colors as closely as possible. Our sewn on patches are more durable than temporary adhesive patches and we will seam seal and waterproof our work as needed.

Zipper Repairs

Broken tent zippers can dampen the fun of a camping trip. At Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. we can repair worn out zipper sliders (the metal moving part of the zipper) or replace an entire tent door zipper if needed. Always mark the broken zipper with tape or flagging so we can identify the problem and get it fixed for you quickly.

Hardware Repairs

Broken buckles, missing pole clips, and worn out velcro are all easily repaired and cost less than replacing your tent. We can add features like extra guy lines or a protective tent footprint. We do not service tent poles at this time- please contact Tent Pole Technologies for your tent pole repair needs.

A note about rain flies: We get many inquiries about replacing lost or damaged rain flies. We can repair most problems on a ripped or damaged rain fly, but we CANNOT make you a new rain fly from scratch. We suggest checking out eBay or craigslist to see if you can buy the rain fly for your specific tent model from a private seller.

Repair Form

Are you ready to send your item in for repair?

Download the Repair Form, print it out & include the form in the box with your item. We will send you an email when it arrives at our shop in Seattle to discuss repair options.

Repair Form
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Please Read Before Sending Your Tent to RPR:

Please call the shop at 888-747-7867 before shipping a large tent (anything with a footprint larger than 8′ x 8′) so we can be sure it is something that we work on. If you need repairs on a canvas tent, please contact Canvas Supply Co.

 Mark all damage before sending your tent- we DO NOT set up the tent so be sure to mark damage with masking tape or flagging so it is easy to identify.

 Send only the tent parts that need to be repaired. RPR cannot be held responsible for lost parts that were not part of the repair order. This will cut down on shipping costs as well!

 Make sure that your tent is reasonably CLEAN before sending for repair. We DO NOT offer laundry service for tents at this time. Items covered with dirt or debris can damage our machines so be sure to hose off and shake out your tent before sending it in to RPR.

 Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, reserves the right to refuse repair service for items that are too damaged or old to be repair effectively. We cannot repair UV damage or fabric delamination. The customer is responsible for return shipping if we cannot perform the laundry service, or we can recycle at no charge.