Tent & Rain Fly Repairs

Did your dog have some fun with your screen mesh? We can replace that. Is your tent door zipper refusing to cooperate? We can fix that. Did the tent get caught by the wind and end up with some holes? We can patch those.

We can replace tent zippers, patch holes, and replace missing hardware on tents & rain flies.

After being repaired at Rainy Pass Repair, your tent will be ready to face the elements and keep you dry. We can also make modifications to your tent, such as adding a vent or a door that matches the original design, or a lightweight footprint that matches the shape of your tent.

We can restring and replace pole sections on aluminum tent poles that are manufactured by Easton or DAC. If you need to replace an entire set of poles, please contact Tent Pole Technologies, another great outdoor business in WA.

When you are ready to send something to us, please CLICK HERE to download the Repair Form and include that in the box with your item.

A note about rain flies: We get a lot of inquiries about replacing lost or damaged rain flies. We can repair most problems on a ripped or damaged rain fly, but we cannot make you a new one from scratch. We suggest checking out eBay or craigslist to see if you can buy the rain fly for your specific tent model from a private seller.