Stains & Odors

Did your cat mistake your sleeping bag for a litter box? Did you rub up against the ski lift and come away with a greasy surprise? We can help!

We will do our best to address stains on your garments and sleeping bag, but we cannot guarantee that we can remove any and all stains. We are usually quite successful treating odors, such as cat urine or mildew, but it is difficult to remove stains without compromising fabric performance. A great way to prevent stains is to keep up with DWR treatments on waterproof breathable garments- the DWR repels stains almost as effectively as it repels water. We suggest refreshing the DWR treatment at least once per year.
We do not dry clean– all of our laundry methods involve a wet wash. We use McNett Gear-Aid laundry products and have had great results. Please give us a call if you are having problems with stains or odors so we can plan the best course of action.

When you are ready to send something to us, please CLICK HERE to download the Repair Form and include that in the box with your item.