This is what started it all. Zippers, holes, tears… we have the experience to bring your items back to “good as new” status. Most zipper repairs are simple and inexpensive. We offer many alternatives for repairing rips and tears with multiple color and fabric choices. We can repair almost anything including tents, packs, parkas, pants, sleeping bags, dry suits, waders, tent poles and technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex®. Our facility has the largest selection of fabric and seam sealing tape to properly repair waterproof/breathable products. And because we are a “Gore-Certified” facility, the manufacturer’s warranty of your Gore-Tex® Fabric item will remain intact when you have your item repaired through Rainy Pass Repair, Inc.

We also provide warranty repairs for a number of manufacturers. For more information, see our Partners page.


Can’t get the right fit? Arms too long? Pants too short? That backpack would be perfect if it only had that extra feature. We have a solution to these common problems. We alter clothing and add features to equipment, returning your item with a “factory finished” look. Even your Gore-Tex® Fabric items can be altered, and because we are an authorized Gore-Tex® Fabric repair facility, the changes won’t void your warranty.


Proper cleaning of down and technical fabrics is imperative to the long-term integrity of the product. Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. has the only outdoor products laundry facility of its kind. We can adapt machine cycles to the dynamic changes in soiling, and fabric types. Our laundry facilities are designed specifically for down, synthetic, and waterproof breathable products.

We offer cleaning, non-perfume deodorizing, and stain removal services.

A professional cleaning can help restore the function of garments with a durable water repellency (DWR) finish. Often a garment’s water repellency is impaired due to a coating of dirt, perspiration, and detergent. A good cleaning along with a water repellency treatment can bring your waterproof breathable item back to life.

When it comes to down, it is important that it be cleaned properly. Common household detergents may cling to down fibers and reduce the loft and efficiency of your down item. Dry cleaning will affect your down products in the same way. A professional cleaning with down-friendly detergents will revitalize the loft of your down product.


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. uses products proven to restore the durable water repellency (DWR) to your item. Retreating your garment restores wet weather performance, improves breathability and enhances comfort by minimizing condensation within the garment. We can bring your waterproof breathable item back to life with a proper cleaning and water repellency treatment.


With a room devoted to down, we can fluff and stuff your down items. We provide down fill, baffle repair, cleaning, and water repellency treatments for all down items.


We have a unique water testing facility for immersion clothing. Do you have a dry top or wader with an annoying leak you can’t locate? We can find it for you. We can repair holes and leaks and replace gaskets. All our repairs to dry suits, dry tops, and waders are tested before they leave the shop to ensure the integrity of the garment.


Our sister company, Corporate Image Outfitters, LLC, is America’s choice for Gore® certified embroidery and sewing on technical outerwear.

They also offer complete custom embroidery services for all your promotional, uniform, and incentive needs.

Contact them for more information or a quote at 800-959-4626, ext 2 for the Sales Department or