Common Repair Examples

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Zipper Repairs

zipper replacement on REI vest

We replaced the main zipper on this REI vest with a slightly larger gauge zipper for better durability.


blue coat with broken zipperblue coat with repaired 2 way zipper

The zipper on this blue REI jacket had broken completely at the bottom pin, plus the teeth were very worn out. We replaced it with a very similar gray 2-way zipper which matched the trims on the jacket.


zipper slider repair on winter jacket

This jacket simply lost the zipper slider, which is the metal moving part of the zipper. This is a very easy repair- we replaced the slider and had the zipper working in no time.


pocket zip1

 We replaced a waterproof pocket zipper on this teal rain jacket. Since we didn’t have the exact same colored zipper in stock, we used a black zipper to match as closely as possible while maintaining the waterproof features.

tent zip composite

This tent zipper had a steep curve where the zipper would split open. We replaced the whole zipper, but this type of problem can often be resolved by replacing the zipper sliders.

musto zip replace

A brand new zipper on a Musto Foul Weather jacket.

A larger main zipper installed on a Patagonia windbreaker. 


Down Garment Patches

Here are some good examples of a patches on down garments. We try to follow the seam lines that are already there to hide the patch. We have many fabrics in stock and although we cannot guarantee a perfect color match, we can usually get very close.

large baffle patchred patch on patagonia puffy sleeve
patch on patagonia down jacket IMG_1111 IMG_1152_opt patch on flyblow down jacket patch on black spyder down jacket


GORE-TEX®/WPB Patching and Stitching

IMG_1148_opt IMG_1260_opt IMG_0145_opt   stitching on Helly Hansen Ski jacket

All patches on waterproof garments will be seam sealed from the inside to maintain the waterproof qualities.


Tent and Tent Screen Patching

IMG_1249_opt IMG_0788_opt IMG_0831_opt 

 Pack Repairs

lumbar pack zipper repair

This lumbar pack needed a new zipper.

A photo of a repair on the load lifter of a large backpack.

We replaced the webbing to reattach the load lifter on this large backpack.

patch panel on eddie bauer knapsack

This knapsack had a bad rip at the bottom corner so we replaced the entire panel.

Sleeping Bag Repairs


sleeping bag hole and patch

We patched over a hole on this down sleeping bag. The hole was closed up in the field using super glue.


A photo of two different sleeping bags that were modified to zip together.

These two sleeping bags (different brands) were modified to zip together for a cozy camping trip.


patch on orange montbell sleeping bag

A patch over a burned area on a Montbell down sleeping bag.