Pack Repairs & Modifications

Let us fix or improve your closest partner on the trail.

Patching & Strap Repairs

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. can patch holes and replace lost or broken straps on many styles of backpack. You MUST be able to remove the hard metal or plastic frame for us to work on your pack! Not sure if it is something that we can fix? Contact us to find out!

Replace Lost Hardware

Buckles, grommets, and drawcords- we stock many types of pack hardware so that we can easily replace parts that are lost in the hustle and bustle. Minor repairs are often less than the cost of a new pack.

Modify To Make It Work For You

Do you love your pack but something is not quite right? Adjust the fit, add straps, more zippers or compartments- we have the skills to make your pack fit your unique adventures!

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Repair Form

Are you ready to send your item in for repair?

Download the Repair Form, print it out & include the form in the box with your item. We will send you an email when it arrives at our shop in Seattle to discuss repair options.

Repair Form

Photos of Repairs