Packs & Bags

Did you take an unexpected slide down a hillside and land on your pack?

Perhaps you lost some straps or hardware at the hands of the TSA on your way back from an epic trip.

We can help!

 Common Pack Repairs:

Replacing straps and buckles

Repairing zippers

Stitching and patching holes

Reinforcing shoulder straps

We can fix many types of packs and bags, including day packs, external frame packs, and large backpacking packs.

We can also repair certain types of tank bags, panniers and dry bags. If an item has non-removable, hard plastic or metal components, this may limit your repair options. It is not possible to remove these components in some bags, and we must remove any hard parts such as the frame or metal stays in order to fit the item under our sewing machines.

Please make sure your pack is as clean as possible before sending it in (we cannot launder them), and don’t forget to empty all of the pockets. Call first if there is a hard plastic or metal component that you think cannot be removed. We prefer that you remove the frame or stays prior to shipping the pack, plus this will save on shipping costs.

When you are ready to send something to us, please CLICK HERE to download the Repair Form and include that in the box with your item.

pack buckle before after

We can also make modifications to packs and bags- call for details.

We can replace shoulder straps and hip belts on some pack models, but it is not cost effective to make these pieces from scratch, so please call for availability.

We are unable to service larger packs made by Osprey or Gregory because the frames are usually sewn in, making it difficult to sew all areas without compromising the construction of the pack. Luckily, both of these manufacturers offer their own repair services. Please check out their websites for more information.

Sorry, we don’t work on any brands of wheeled luggage. Check local listing for a luggage repair specialist in your area.

Please give us a call or email a photo of your bag and we can let you know how we can help you with your specific needs.

Our shop rate as of March 2017 is $83 per hour with a $20 minimum per item for repairs, alterations, and gear modifications.