Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Information


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. can manage your warranty program, saving you money and increasing your operation’s efficiency while helping build customer loyalty through excellent service.
Your warranty support program will be custom-built to your specifications. You define the guidelines, and we handle repairs and returns according to those guidelines.

  • Save on replacement costs
  • Reduce hassle
  • Improve customer service
  • How it works
  • Pricing


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. can save you money! We can save you $20, $50, $100 or more per garment by repairing instead of replacing warrantied garments.


Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. will relieve you of the headaches and indirect costs associated with returns and repairs. Consider the personnel hours spent tracking repairs, contacting customers, and managing the shipping and receiving area. We have an efficient system already in place. We also offer an efficient solution to remedy bulk production errors. Allow your employees to be more productive by eliminating these tasks.


The quality of service you provide is as important as the products you sell. Over the past 20 years, Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. has become more than a skilled repair facility. Customer service is our main priority. We provide fast turnaround times on repairs and encourage customers to call our knowledgeable, trained staff with any questions or to track the progress of their repair. We have earned a reputation for unparalleled quality and service that will ensure your customers remain loyal to your brand.


We can create a warranty and repair program that fits your company structure and philosophy. We realize that every manufacturer has unique guidelines when dealing with repair and warranty issues. Before we process repairs for your company, we will define cost limits and sewing instructions, and develop specific parameters of warranty determination that suit your company’s needs. We will review the guidelines with you periodically to improve customer satisfaction. (Perhaps put examples of typical warranty parameters that the Manufacturer can set.
The following model provides a foundation that we will modify to meet your needs.

  • Single Point of Contact – You may choose to have your customer call Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. with repair and warranty questions. The customer isn’t transferred around. One knowledgeable contact establishes trust and keeps the customer from getting frustrated.
  • Warranty Assessment – We can assume all contact with the customer regarding warranty issues. This relieves you of issues concerning turnaround, tracking, quality control, and customer satisfaction that can affect your staff’s efficiency and the bottom line. You can trust our experience to differentiate between manufacturing defects and customer-caused damage. This alone can save you substantially.
  • Non-Warranty/Customer-Caused Damage – For non-warranty repairs, your staff can direct customers to our repair center. We maintain contact with the customer and bill the customer accordingly. You are not responsible for any charges regarding non-warranty repairs. Supporting your product line shows superior customer service.
  • Detailed Database – Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. tracks the repair at each step of the repair process so customers stay informed and repairs are never lost. When your customer calls, we will provide the status of their repair. Quality assurance is inherent throughout the process.
  • “Factory Finish” Repair – Our management staff has over 40 years experience repairing outdoor apparel and equipment. Many employees are graduates in apparel design. Our reputation for consistent repair quality is unparalleled in the industry. You can trust that our repair work will exceed your customer’s expectations.
  • Fast Turnaround – Your customer will receive the repair quickly, ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Simple Billing – After completing the repair, we ship it directly to the customer. You may choose to receive detailed repair data as each item is shipped, or have the information compiled monthly with your invoice.
  • Valuable Reporting – If you choose, we can provide valuable repair data regarding model, size, color, location, and number of repairs. Our staff is always available to assist with design and production concerns.

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. maintains consistent charges through the use of a proprietary price schedule to cost each repair. The schedule is based on your product’s design details and construction sequence. This schedule allows us to accurately estimate each repair before we begin. You are not billed for time answering calls, assessing repairs, or repackaging items. If you would like specific prices, please send us your product samples for evaluation.
We look forward to working with you and providing your customers with the best warranty support in the industry.