What is the Process to Have an Item Repaired?

Our shop is located in Seattle , Washington, but most of our business is done through mailorder. When you are ready to send in your item for repair, go to our website rainypass.com and print out the Repair Form for Consumers. Fill out this form and include it in the box with your item when you send it in for repair or final quote. We accept daily deliveries from FedEx, UPS and USPS, so feel free to use whatever shipping method is most convenient to you. If you have any questions or would like an estimate before sending your item in for repair, please call or email us at 888-RIP-STOP or repair@rainypass.com
Please be aware that our turnaround time is a minimum of 2 weeks. Winter is our busiest season so expect up to a 4-6 week turnaround time from Nov to March. If you need your item back by a certain date, please note this on your repair form. If you need the item back in less than 2 weeks we will charge a rush fee. We can also expedite shipping for an extra fee. Please call or email if you have any special instructions for return within 2 weeks.
If you don’t want to include payment information, we can contact you once we receive the item and take payment over the phone. You can also send us a check or money order. We will need to give you the total for the repairs for you to make these payments so please make sure to include a daytime phone number or email address. We will not send you a bill- we must have payment before we can ship your item back to you.

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