Got a Question? Check Here First!

Our current shop rate is $83 per hour with an $20 minimum order. This might sound high, compared to a normal sewing repair shop, but keep in mind that we stock technical fabrics and the specialized machinery for dealing with seam sealing waterproof gear. We also employ a staff of specialty sewers who require 6 months of training to be proficient in repairs and alterations on outdoor gear.

We avoid taking in jobs that the repairs exceed the cost of replacing the item, and we avoid working on non-technical gear (jeans, casual jackets, etc) that you can get fixed elsewhere for a lower price.

We are the authorized repair facility for many companies in the US and beyond, but please always check with the manufacturer before sending us a warranty repair. Many companies require a return authorization number (RA#) which is provided by the manufacturer and helps us communicate with them about the specifics of the repair. Rainy Pass Repair does not give you an RA#- only the manufacturer can give you this number, so if you have one, please note it on the repair form before sending your order.
We can repair or replace zippers on most soft goods, including coats, pants, tents, sleeping bags and packs. In many cases, a zipper can be repaired by simply replacing the slider, which is the metal moving part of the zipper.
We have one repair location in lovely Seattle, WA. We accept orders from throughout the USA and the world, but at this time we have only one repair facility. Unfortunately, we do not have an east coast affiliate to recommend at this time, but keep checking back for news about the possibility of a second location for your outdoor gear repairs.
We can add down to your sleeping bag, and in most cases, a professional laundry service is all that is needed to restore the loft of your bag. Call for details.
Most of our business is done through mail order, but we do have a shop in Seattle where you can pick up and drop off. If you happen to be visiting our great city, you can certainly drop off your item and we will be happy to ship it back to you at home. We are located at 4415 Stone Way North (in the basement) and our regular hours are Mon-Fri from 9 to 6.
No, all repairs must be paid in full before leaving the shop. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, checks and US money orders. The customer is responsible for both outgoing and return shipping charges, however, most warranty accounts will cover both the repair and return shipping charges.
No. We work hard to keep a wide variety of supplies in stock to use for repairs so we cannot sell or mail you any of our stash. Check out for a great selection of fabrics and hardware that can be ordered online.
No. We are open every weekday from 9 to 6. We have a small staff and we like to get out and have fun in the wilderness as much as you do! If you are a local customer and these hours are not convenient, keep in mind that you can always mail your item in and we will call you to discuss the repair.
We can repair and modify all types of technical fabrics, including almost all types of waterproof breathable fabrics.
Yes! We can patch and repair down garments and sleeping bags. We can also repair zippers on down items.
Yes! We can do alterations on garments made with Gore-Tex® and other waterproof breathable fabrics. We can shorten or lengthen your sleeves or pants from afar, but for any other type of garment alteration, you must come to our shop in Seattle for a fitting. Alterations can take several hours, so we will not do a complicated alteration unless we are confident that you are going to have a perfect fit.
During our peak season in Nov-March, turnaround time can reach 3 to 4 weeks. Other times of the year, most orders can be processed in 10 to 14 days. Most walk-in orders will be ready in about 1 week. We do offer rush service for an additional fee- call for details.