Frequently Asked Questions

I tore my new Gore-Tex® coat but don’t want a patch.

In some cases we can do an “invisible” patch. If the damage is small enough we can repair the fabric by applying seam tape to the under side, joining the edges together. This can only be done to very short, clean cuts, such as those made by a sharp knife. Even so, the white tape material may show through. For larger damage on newer garments we recommend design patches. We can add a stripe, pocket, emblem or some other feature to a garment to blend the repair into the design. This is a very effective way to repair and camouflage unsightly holes.

I’ve got a burn hole! Can it be fixed?

Yes, any hole can be patched. We can permanently sew a patch on the outside layer of the item. For waterproof breathable garments, all stitching is seam taped to maintain the waterproof integrity of the fabric. The minimum patch size is 2 inches. Patches smaller than this rarely look appropriate. Patches can also be designed to blend into the style of a garment to disguise the repair completely.

Can you add a window to my tent and a pocket to my pack?

We can add almost any feature you’d like to an item: new doors in a tent, a pocket to your pack, underarm zippers in your jacket, etc. Let us know what features you need, and we can add them to your gear. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not build custom garments or gear from scratch.

I’ve got a hole in my waders. Can I patch it myself?

Absolutely. We recommend a Gore-Tex® patch kit for most hole repairs. It will stick to almost any clean surface and last longer than any other adhesive patch material we have seen. If you plan to have a professional patch done at a later time, use the smallest amount of patch material that will cover the damage. Duct tape and adhesive patches leave a residue behind when they are removed that must be covered with the new patch. If you would like to sew on a patch or make other “do it yourself” repairs, call us, we would be happy to guide you.

How do I get stains out of my Gore-Tex®?

How did you get them in there? We really want to know. It is very helpful to know what the stain is when attempting to remove it. We use a variety of products depending on the type of stain. Citrus-based stain removers work well on chewing gum and greasy stains. Many commercial products found in your supermarket work well. There is very little you can do to damage the Gore-Tex® layer of your garment, but care should be used not to damage the shell fabric. Always test a spot remover on a small area first and do not use bleach products. Choose the right stain remover and follow the directions before you launder the item. Attempts to remove a stain with the wrong remover will set the stain in further. After any attempt to remove a stain, retreat the garment with a water repellency treatment. Feel free to call us if you need help.

The nylon on my tent’s floor needs to be recoated. Can you do that?

No, we do not recoat fabrics because we have not found a product that works effectively. The waterproof coatings on nylon fabrics come loose with age. The aging process is often accelerated by detergents, improper storage, and other factors. Many companies sell recoating products. If you find one that works well, please let us know. We would love to hear about it! Otherwise, you may want to consider replacing the floor of the tent. If you decide to go that route, we can help you with that.

Who supplies tent poles?

We can rebuild, repair, or replace Easton aluminum tent poles. If you are trying to replace a lost set it is often best to go directly to the manufacturer. If that is not possible, there are a few options for you. TA Enterprises can build custom pole sets for you. Sunshine Sports is a great resource for fiberglass and large diameter aluminum poles. Check out our Partners pagefor contact information.

Do you repair shoes?

We do not do shoe repairs. For hiking, climbing, and trail shoes we recommend Dave Page, Cobbler. His shop has been specializing in outdoor footwear for more than 40 years and offers the most up-to-date equipment and techniques for outdoor footwear. They can even rebuild your Birkenstocks.

Do you seamseal tents or flies?

We can apply a permanent seam tape to your tent seams if they have not been seam sealed with a liquid seam sealer. If you have seam sealed your tent we cannot apply seam tape or re-apply sealant. We recommend Seam Grip for sealing and re-sealing tent seams. One application of this product will last the lifetime of your tent.

Can I buy parts from you?

We do not sell any parts or fabrics. We can however direct you to companies that specialize in the sale of outdoor fabrics and findings. They can even supply you with patterns to make your own items. Check out our Partners page for more information, or give us a call.

Can you alter my Gore-Tex® coat?

Yes, we can do almost any alteration you need. All our alterations are done with a factory finish. In most cases you will not be able to tell the garment was altered. A Gore-Tex® garment we alter for you will still maintain the manufacturer’s original warranty. We can shorten sleeves and pant legs, even above articulated joints. If a garment is too short we can lengthen it. Gussets can be added for more freedom of movement. We offer the best solutions for ill fitting outdoor garments and gear.

Is duct tape hip? Everywhere I look, I see silver…

Some people have yet to discover Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. We can apply patches to your outdoor gear that are cosmetically neat, clean, and permanent. Zippers are replaced with a “factory finished” look and function. We can even clean your items for you to maintain the original appearance and performance. However, if grunge is your fashion, we would be glad to recommend a good hardware store.

My Gore-Tex® leaks!

It’s not likely. The repellency treatment on the outer nylon can be diminished by dirt and regular use. A heavy rain will then soak the outer layer and cool the fabric. Condensation occurs on the inside of the garment and because both sides of the garment are wet, it appears to be leaking. Fortunately, this problem can be solved. Our laundry services can revitalize the water repellency of your garment.

To revitalize your garment at home, launder the garment in warm water, gentle cycle with 1/4 cup powder detergent, then tumble dry. The garment must also be treated with a water repellency treatment. Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. is a certified Granger water repellency treatment provider. Regular maintenance of this type will add years of life, and end the illusion and feeling of leakage. (Remember to always read and follow the care label on your item!)

How should I clean my down items?

Down products are quite fragile. When it becomes necessary to clean a down-filled item, great care must be used. Wet down puts substantial stress on its shell, and can rip baffles and stitching. When dried improperly, down becomes uneven, clumpy, and the subsequent loss of loft renders the item ineffective. Dry cleaning may decrease an item’s loft and may damage down. Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. does not recommend the bath tub washing method because the soap is rarely rinsed out completely, which is detrimental to the insulating value of the down. Small items can be washed at home (a front loading machine is highly recommended) using a small amount of powder detergent and a gentle cycle. Wash items individually and tumble dry with 6 to 12 tennis balls using no heat.

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc.’s professional laundry services for down products can restore the product to its original loft and warmth. We can also refill your down in the case of loss.

How do I wash my synthetic insulated items?

For small synthetic insulated products, close all zippers and wash with 1/4 cup powdered detergent in warm water on a gentle cycle. Hang dry or tumble dry on low (less than 125 degrees). Large items such as sleeping bags and comforters need to be professionally cleaned.
Caution: Frequent washing of synthetics can reduce their insulating value.

Can you make a custom-fit coat for me?

Although we are happy to fit, alter, or modify any item, we do not make custom items from scratch.

Do you repair luggage?

We can repair some types of luggage, as long as there are no wheels or a hard frame. We cannot replace wheels or telescoping handles on luggage, and we cannot work on anything with a hard frame because it will not fit under our sewing machines. Please check your local listings for luggage repair specialists.

How Do I get a Quote for a Repair?

Our staff is happy to provide quotes on repairs either over the phone, via email, or in person at our shop. All quotes are based on our shop rate of $75 per hour. We provide warranty repairs for a variety of manufacturers, but we also work on many brands beyond those listed on our website. If possible, please provide the manufacturer, style, and approximate age of the item when inquiring for a quote. If you can send a photo of the item and/or the damaged area, this helps us come up with more accurate quotes. Please note that no quote is final until we have the item in front of us, because there are many aspects of gear design that are difficult to capture in a photo or verbal description.


What is the Process to Have an Item Repaired?

Our shop is located in Seattle , Washington, but most of our business is done through mailorder. When you are ready to send in your item for repair, go to our website rainypass.com and print out the Repair Form for Consumers. Fill out this form and include it in the box with your item when you send it in for repair or final quote. We accept daily deliveries from FedEx, UPS and USPS, so feel free to use whatever shipping method is most convenient to you. If you have any questions or would like an estimate before sending your item in for repair, please call or email us at 888-RIP-STOP or repair@rainypass.com
Please be aware that our turnaround time is a minimum of 2 weeks. Winter is our busiest season so expect up to a 4-6 week turnaround time from Nov to March. If you need your item back by a certain date, please note this on your repair form. If you need the item back in less than 2 weeks we will charge a rush fee. We can also expedite shipping for an extra fee. Please call or email if you have any special instructions for return within 2 weeks.
If you don’t want to include payment information, we can contact you once we receive the item and take payment over the phone. You can also send us a check or money order. We will need to give you the total for the repairs for you to make these payments so please make sure to include a daytime phone number or email address. We will not send you a bill- we must have payment before we can ship your item back to you.

Can you make me a new rain fly for my tent?

Unfortunately we cannot make a new rain fly from scratch. Every tent has a different pattern for the rain fly to fit, so the time it would take us to source the correct materials, make a unique pattern, and fabricate a rain fly would end up costing more than buying a new tent. We can fix your current rain fly as long as the fabric is not damaged by UV (sun rot) but we do not fabricate or stock rain flies for purchase.