As of Aug 2018, drysuit and wader repair services are currently unavailable, including water tests. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Drysuit repair

The last thing you want when you are miles from home is a cold leak creeping in and soaking your base layers. We are here to help keep you dry!

Rainy Pass Repair has an on-site drysuit testing facility where we can check for leaks or delimitation in the fabric of your drysuit so you don’t have to find the leaks the hard way. We can patch holes, replace seam tape, and replace broken or leaky zippers. CLICK HERE to download the Repair Form.
We replace latex and neoprene gaskets by sewing and seam sealing the new parts to ensure the seals will not fail under stress. Our drysuit specialists can even make alterations to the length of your drysuit arms or legs to achieve a more comfortable fit.

Drysuit Services:

Water tests to find leaks or other problems

Latex & neoprene gasket replacements

Alterations on GORE-TEX Suits with taped seams

Main zipper replacement

Relief zipper installation/replacement

Patching and seam tape work, waterproofing

We carry latex and neoprene gaskets plus latex & Gore-Tex style socks for many types of tri-laminate drysuits. If you have questions, please give us a call or email

Water Testing


filling drysuit



clamp gasket



drysuit leak



drysuit filled







We flip the drysuit inside-out and fill with water to test for leaks, pinholes, delamination, or other problems before performing any major repairs.









The gaskets are clamped shut so all seams and fabric will be tested.








Looks like we found a small leak here- an unwelcome surprise if you are wearing the suit in cold water!








This drysuit is full of water- you can see some darker areas where we seam sealed the pinholes that were found in the initial water test. All drysuit repairs are tested before returning to the owner.