Laundry Services At Rainy Pass Repair, Inc.

Skip the hassle of cleaning your gear.

Let us do the dirty work and rest easy knowing it was done right.

Keep Your Outdoor Bedding Fresh

Keep your sleeping bag in top condition for a more enjoyable rest on your next adventure. Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, offers cleaning services for synthetic fill sleeping bags, down sleeping bags & quilts, plus bags with DryLoft or DriDown technology. We can renew a DWR treatment to bags with a water-resistant fabric shell such as GORE-TEX®.

Proper Care = Better Performance

Technical gear will last longer and perform better when it is cleaned properly and often. Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. offers basic laundry service to deal with stains & odors plus wash & waterproof treatment to keep you dry. We specialize in cleaning GORE-TEX® fabrics and other waterproof-breathable membrane fabrics. We do not clean items with leather, wool, or fur details at this time.

Down Services at Rainy Pass Repair, Inc.

In addition to laundering your down bedding and outerwear, we also refill down sleeping bags or qualified outerwear. After the laundry service is complete, we can evaluate the down fill and contact you with recommendations on adding 650 or 800 fill down to increase or even out the loft of your item.

We Are Gear Cleaning Experts

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Well used and loved...

So clean and ready for more!

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. specializes in laundry services for waterproof-breathable outerwear and down garments & bedding.

We use GearAid Laundry Products for our in-house laundry services.

We DO NOT dry clean- our process is a wet wash plus we offer a spray DWR treatment for enhancing performance of your waterproof-breathable gear.

We only offer laundry services for outerwear & down bedding at this time, we do not offer laundry services for tents or packs.

Turnaround time is typically 1 to 2 weeks for laundry service. Additional time is required for orders that need repair or modifications. Return shipping time may vary from our shop located in Seattle, WA.

I’m Ready To Send An Item For Laundry Service!

Bedding Laundry Service Pricing

  • Down Sleeping Bag / Quilt $42
  • GORE-TEX® / Dryloft Sleeping Bag $52
  • Synthetic Sleeping Bag $35
  • DWR Treatment +$10
  • Down Evaluation +$10

Expert Care For Down Gear

We will wash your sleeping bag or comforter with the utmost care in our on-site commercial laundry facility. We do not dry clean. Harsh chemicals can damage down fibers and affect loft. We use GearAid Down Cleaner in a wet wash process to clean your down items and recondition the down fibers, then we dry with several tennis balls to restore fluffy loft.

Outerwear Laundry Service Pricing

  • Garment Wash Only $22
  • Garment Wash + DWR $32
  • 2 Piece Special Wash + DWR $48
  • Down Garment Wash $35
  • DWR Treatment +$10

Restore Your Waterproof Treatment

DWR stands for Durable Water Repellant. This is a spray-on treatment that allows your waterproof breathable garments to shed water from the outside so that membranes fabrics such as GORE-TEX® can keep you dry from the inside. The DWR treatment needs to be refreshed at least once per season, maybe more for garments that are used a lot. Still have questions? Click here to learn more!

Please Read Before Sending Laundry to RPR:

 Mark all damage before sending an item for laundry service. Adhesive patches can fall off in the wash, resulting in more damage.

 Items with issues such as poison oak or animal urine should be packaged in a plastic bag and clearly marked.

 We only offer laundry services for sleeping bags and textile garments at this time. We do not launder tents or packs.

 There is no guarantee that laundry services at Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, will restore your item to “as new” condition. We will do our best to effectively clean and restore performance but we cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed during the laundry process.

 For best results, outdoor gear should be laundered regularly and stored properly in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight. Delamination and UV damage cannot be repaired.

 Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, reserves the right to refuse laundry service for items that are too damaged or old to be laundered effectively. The customer is responsible for return shipping if we cannot perform the laundry service, or we can recycle at no charge.

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