Down Services

Is your sleeping bag looking flat from being smoothed in a compression sack since last summer? Maybe it has been a year or ten since you have laundered your favorite bag or coat. You will be amazed at the difference a good wash will have on your down items.

Sleeping Bags

In most cases, a good wash will restore your down bag to its original loft. Over time, dirt, dust and body oils get on the down fibers and weigh them down, causing the bag to lose loft and appear flat. After we launder your down sleeping bag, we are happy to evaluate the down loft and inspect the bag for cold spots. We can add down if any has been lost, or if you just want more warmth in certain areas. We are not capable of performing a temperature rating on your sleeping bag, but we have access to 650 and 800 fill power down to help even out the fill and keep you warm.

We can launder all types of sleeping bags at Rainy Pass Repair, including down, synthetic, cotton, DryDown, and GORE-TEX® Dryloft. We have a commercial laundry facility on-site and we are happy to take care of this chore for you with the utmost of care. We use Gear Aid cleaning products which are made here in WA and are proven to have great results.

A photo of a dirty white sleeping bag next to a photo of the freshly cleaned bag.

Before and after cleaning a white sleeping bag.

Down garments

We can launder most down garments, including jackets, vests, pants and suits. We can also restore the DWR finish to down technical garments when necessary. However, we DO NOT launder items with fur trim or wool components. If your jacket has a fur ruff or wool liner, please remove this before sending it in. If the fur or wool is not removable, please call for more information.

We are happy to launder sleeping bags and garments with synthetic or cotton insulation, but we cannot add loft to these types of items.

When you are ready to send something to us, please CLICK HERE to download the Repair Form and include that in the box with your item.

Photo of dirty down jacket

Before Wash

Clean down jacket

After wash & spot clean