Consumer Information


  1. It is not necessary to clean most items before sending them in, however, we would greatly appreciate it if you would make sure the item is free of all grit and not unusually soiled. If your item is heavily soiled, please let us know and we will provide you with cleaning instructions. If you prefer, we can launder most items for an additional charge.
  2. Mark all damaged areas with masking tape.
  3. Remove all parts that are not necessary for repairing the item. This includes removable hoods, tent flies, tent poles, internal and external pack frames (there are additional charges for frame removal). Remember to empty the pockets of garments and packs.
  4. Include any items that may be necessary for the repair. For example, if you are sending a coat with a zip-out lining for a zipper repair, include the lining in the package.
  5. Pack the item in a sturdy cardboard box that has plenty of room. We try to return all items in the original boxes. If you are sending a down sleeping bag or comforter for cleaning, please make sure to pack it in a box larger than needed to accommodate the increase in loft.
  6. Complete a repair form and include it in the package.
  7. Include your chosen method of payment (Visa, Master Card, Discover, Check or Money Order)
  8. Ship the package to:Rainy Pass Repair
    4415 Stone Way North
    Seattle, WA 98103Or, if you live in the Seattle area, you can drop your items off. We welcome walk-ins! If you need to reach us, you can call us at our local number, 206-523-8135.
    See our Contact Us page for shop hours and directions to the shop.


Return shipping and handling charges are:

  • $12 for ground shipments up to 4 pounds
  • $20 for ground shipments up to 10 pounds
  • $15 for sleeping bags under 5 pounds (due to the large box size)

For USPS, Federal Express, or other shipping options, please contact us for more information. If you live outside the US please call before sending an item to us.



If you have been given an estimate, please remember that it is only an estimate. We try very hard to be as accurate as possible, but it is impossible to know exactly what work will be required. When your item is received in the shop, you can choose to be notified of the estimate for your item before we begin. Please keep in mind that estimates are not quotes and may not include shipping. We will contact you first if we think the actual work on your item will exceed your estimate by 20% or more.

Credit Cards

We accept these credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

If you choose to pay by credit card, you may include a charge limit for more than the estimate you were given. This will help speed up your repair if you were given an estimate within a range or if the charges exceed the estimate. This is especially useful if you are difficult to reach by phone. Remember to include return shipping and handling costs in the charge limit amount, and include the estimate in the package.

Check or Money Order

If you would like to pay with a check or money order, we recommend you receive an estimate for your item. With the item in hand, you can get an estimate by calling the repair shop at 888-RIP-STOP (747-7867). Remember to add in the return shipping and handling costs. Also, to ensure a fast return of your item, consider making your check or money order out for a larger amount than the total of your estimate and shipping charges. We will include a refund for any extra with your returned item.