2018 Holiday Hours

The Holiday Season is upon us!

This a busy time at Rainy Pass Repair as we repair and modify lots of ski & snowboard gear so you can be ready for your winter adventures. Our regular hours of operation at Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Please note that we will be CLOSED […]

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Preventing Mold From Affecting Your Gear & Dealing With It When It Does

Mold and mildew is a frequent problem that we encounter here at Rainy Pass Repair, especially on gear that has been in storage for some time. This problem affects all types of gear but is most common on gear used on the lake, river, or other wet environments. Mildew on fabric can be hard to […]

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Camping With Kiddos

Summer is finally here and my family is psyched to get outside for some camping adventures. This is my first summer camping with my young daughter- we spend the last year scoping out REI garage sale deals and local craigslist offerings to upgrade our gear to fit our new addition. It is no secret that […]

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Best Camping Tattoos

How do you commemorate your summer adventures so you can feel the joy of camping all year round? With a tattoo, of course! Maybe needles and body decoration aren’t for everyone, but we can all enjoy these fun designs:




Do you have a cool camping, hiking, or outdoor adventure tattoo that you want to […]

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Upcoming Events- Jan/Feb 2017

Rainy Pass Repair will be participating in a few special events over the coming weeks. We have heard your requests for more weekend hours, so we are doing our best to open the shop for weekend hours when we have staff available. Plus, we have some great partner events coming up in the Puget Sound Area where […]

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Repair or Replace? Social Media Chimes In

Ok, maybe that’s not the exact quote, so we asked Reddit and Facebook whether they prefer to repair or replace broken gear. Of course, there are perks to both- you might save some money with repairs, but it can be a lot of fun to shop for something new. Some of our readers chime in […]

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Drawcord Repair on Technical Jackets


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Tips for Success at the REI Garage Sale

Looking for great deals on premium outdoor gear? The REI Garage Sale happens 3 to 4 times per year and offers some of the deepest discounts available on great outdoor gear. Check the event calendar for your local REI store, or sign up for their mailing list to stay informed. (Note- the garage sale on the […]

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Holiday Travel Tip- Use Your Gear!

The season of hectic holiday travel is upon us, and you probably have some gear in the closet that can make your trip to visit family or friends more comfortable and safe.

For those of you driving to your holiday destination, it is a good idea to keep warm clothes and bedding in the car in […]

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Upcoming Events

We are excited to announce that Rainy Pass Repair will be on-site for a few local upcoming events in the Seattle area. Come check us out, ask questions, and bring us gear for repair- we will provide simple repairs that can be done on the spot, and for anything else, we can give you an estimate so you […]

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