Trust Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. to Make It a Perfect Fit.

Rainy Pass Repair offers expert alterations and sewn modifcations for your technical outdoor gear.

Your satisfaction is our priority- gear that is altered at Rainy Pass Repair will last long and stand up the the elements.

  • arcteryx sweatshirt hood removal alteration
  • blue pockets added to the sleeves of a black ski coat

We have the knowledge and experience to safely modify your technical outdoor gear.

For over 30 years, Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. has offered not only repairs but also alterations & modifications on sewn outdoor gear. We can shorten pants, add pockets, or remove extraneous features all while maintaining the technical qualities of your gear.

We charge our shop rate of $83 per hour for alterations & modifications with a 1 hour minimum. We can work on outerwear, tents, sleeping bags and packs with removable frames. Keep scrolling or CONTACT US with questions.

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We offer FREE fittings with a 10 minute consultation BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at our shop in Seattle. You MUST schedule this at least 24 hours in advance by calling 888-747-7867.

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Technical Outerwear Alterations

We can customize outerwear for your unique size and shape.

Get the perfect fit so your gear looks great and lasts.

Ski/Snowboard Pants Shortening

Our most common alteration- ski and snowboard pants tend to run long, we can shorten them without compromising the waterproof membrane fabric. After the alteration your pants will look great and the waterproof qualities of the materials will be maintained.

Sleeve Length Alterations

Nothing is one-size-fits all and your technical outdoor clothing needs to fit well to function well. We can shorten or lengthen sleeves as needed or add features like velcro / elastic cuffs or knitted hand warmers.

Motorcycle Garments

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. can perform alterations on many styles of textile motorcycle gear, from shortening sleeves to lengthening pants to moving armor pockets for better protection from the elements. We MUST be able to remove any armor, padding, or electronic components before working on your motorcycle gear!

Outerwear Modifications

Tell us what you need to get the most out of your gear. We are experts in adding pit zippers or vents, installing drawcords or velcro tighteners, and adding edge guards or friction patches.

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Outdoor Gear Modifications

Are you longing for an extra feature or wishing your gear had a little less going on?

We can modify your gear so it is customized to fit your needs.

Pack Modifications

Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. can add or remove straps, pockets, and other features from many types of pack. We must verify that the frame or any hard parts can be removed so we can adjust waist belt, install lash tabs, daisy chain, ice axe loops or other extra features to store your gear when you are out and about.

Tent Modifications

Common modifications include adding or removing windows / doors / screens, adding stove jack or ventilation, or making a footprint to protect the tent floor. We work on nylon camping and backpacking tents with up to a 8 x 8′ floor. Modifications on larger tents are limited, please contact us for more info.

Sleeping Bag Modifications

We don’t want you to lose any sleep over your sleeping bag features. We can modify two bags to zip together, shorten the foot box, remove the hood, modify zippers, and more!

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Custom Projects

Do you have a great idea but don’t have the sewing skills to make it yourself? From product prototyping to building a totally unique item from your design, we accept custom projects on a case by case basis- CONTACT US for more info!¬†Custom work is done at our shop rate of $83 per hour and there is a minimum 3 week turnaround time.