To repair, or not to repair, that is the question...

Ok, maybe that’s not the exact quote, so we asked Reddit and Facebook whether they prefer to repair or replace broken gear. Of course, there are perks to both- you might save some money with repairs, but it can be a lot of fun to shop for something new. Some of our readers chime in below- let us know what you think in the comments!

“If the warranty is over I always try to repair or get it repaired myself, usually because I fall in love with the gear I buy (I try to only buy things I really like), and I don’t want to get something different so quick.

If it’s still warranty and it offers a repair service then it depends: Repair all the way if the product is still new and only has that one acute issue: Repair usually lets me feel like that ripped/broken part will be extra secured and shouldn’t break again so soon and so easily, as in getting a new one makes me feel like

New product: If the product is already somewhat old and has been used a lot (Probably near the end of the warranty), and has already been worn out a bit. So I’d just rather get a brand new one :P”

“Repair. We have enough in landfills as it is.”

“I’ll repair it. I’ll make my gear last as long as possible, I want my money’s worth! Haha. This goes for almost everything I own. I’ll sew, repair, re-glue, weld, and swap parts to make my stuff last. With things that I can’t repair very well I’ll buy a replacement, then repair the damaged item as much as I can and keep as an emergency spare.”


patch on blue ski pants“Good question. I usually go for repair when possible. If there’s a warranty on it I’ll def repair it and pay whatever processing fees (actually just ripped a gifted north face down jacket so I’ll be testing my own theory here in a couple days). And if the repair costs more than 50% of what I paid for it I’ll buy a new one. I’m not picky about colors and past season gear so I shop clearance sales.”

“Well, I think it’s depend of what bond / link you have with a particular piece of gear. Ex: I will fix my Arc’teryx Gamma Sl Hybrid pants until they fell apart and are beyond any repair because they are associate to a lot of amazing hikes. Otherwise, it’s always fun to try new gear and discover new technologies, but it’s really a different feeling!”

“Like Jonathan said [above], clothing holds memories and experience that bring comfort when you put them on. Plus they get more comfortable with wear and tear  I have an old North Face Carhartt style jacket that always makes me think of sitting around the campfire at Smith Rocks after a long day of climbing. Great memories! Obviously safety gear has to be replaced as needed and it is always fun and exciting to get the latest and most functional equipment.”

We loved reading these comments… now let us know what you think!