We see a variety of draw cord issues here at Rainy Pass Repair, particularly on jackets with elastic drawcords at the waist or hem. A broken or overstretched drawcord can be annoying and unsightly. Fortunately, most of these issues are very easy to repair.

By far the most common issue is a broken or overstretched elastic drawcord. The elastic can get caught on something and break, or the material gets worn out from use or overexposure to heat. We simply get a new piece of elastic cord and matching hardware (if needed) then rethread the cord and attach at both ends. Easy peasy!

Another common issue that we see is not the drawstring failure, but the failure or delamination of the casing the holds the drawcord in place. This is common in waterproof jackets where the fabric casing is heat sealed to the outer shell of the jacket. The adhesive fails over time due to friction or exposure to heat, body oils, etc. There are two ways that we can fix this problem.

This first example is a soft shell jacket. This jacket is windproof but not fully waterproof. The drawcord casing was heat sealed to the outer shell for design, not utility, and it eventually detached, leaving the elastic cord uselessly dangling below the hem.

To fix this issue, we took a thread that matches the color of the outer shell ( a lovely bright orange) and simply stitched the casing back in place. The orange stitching is visible both inside and outside, but since it is a matching color, it does not stand out. We pressed the stitching under a heat press to reactivate any adhesive that might be left on the edge of the material and to make the work look nice and flat. Since the jacket is not waterproof, we don’t have to worry about the stitching causing the jacket to leak.
Since the jacket has many areas with visible stitching, another line of orange stitching is not noticeable. Stitching through the material is the most secure repair in this instance, and the drawcord casing will not detach again unless there is significant damage to that area.

When this problem occurs on a waterproof shell jacket, the solution requires some special materials but it can be done in such a way that the waterproof membrane is not compromised. We can’t just heat seal the old adhesive because the materials are degraded and will fail again very soon. We will first clean the jacket to remove any dirt or residue, then proceed with the repair.

If you look closely at this photo, you will see that the nylon fabric of the casing is very frayed. This is common, and needs to be dealt with before we can reattach the material to the shell. We trim the fray and then singe the edge with a lighter to prevent further fraying. In some cases, the fray is so bad that the nylon material needs to be completely replaced. In this example, we had enough material to sew the drawcord casing materials to a long piece of seam tape which was then heat sealed back to the outer fabric.
As you can see, it is repaired with a construction that is almost identical to the original design. However, instead of being attached by a 1/4″ strip of adhesive, it is attached to a strip of seam tape that is much more secure. This is unlikely to fail again, but since we dd not stick through the outer material, certain factors (such as exposure to prolonged heat) could cause this to fail again in the future. Our repairs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 1 year warranty, so if the drawcord casing fails again we can certainly fix it again, but this is rarely an issue.

In this final photo you can see how this type of repair is not visible from the outside of the jacket. At Rainy Pass Repair we always strive to achieve a factory finished look for all repairs. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any other questions about drawcord repairs!

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