Here at Rainy Pass Repair, we are psyched about the early summer weather in the Pacific Northwest! Of course this means that the ski season is all but wrapped up, but before you get distracted by your spring and summer adventures, here are some tips on proper storage prep for your winter gear.

Skis & Snowboards:

  1. Clean off any dirt or grit with a hose or a wet cloth.
  2. Sharpen the edges. Our pals over at evo have a great how-to guide for tuning your edges, or take it to a pro shop where they probably have tons of time to get it done quickly for you since the season is done.
  3. Wax the bases with hot wax- but don’t scrape them yet! The wax will protect the surfaces from the elements, including temperature and humidity fluctuations during storage.
  4. Loosen your bindings to reduce tension on the springs. Snowboarders might want to loosen screws or completely remove bindings to prevent the base from dimpling.
  5. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing in a hot attic, damp basement, or the trunk of a car.


  1. Assess your boots- remove any liners and clean if possible.
  2. Make sure everything is dry before storage.
  3. Check for broken laces, inspect toe and heel for damage.Contact your manufacturer about repairs now instead of a week before the season starts up again and you will be glad when you are first in line with gear that is in great shape.


  1. Inspect your jacket and pants for tears or damage.
  2. Check all zippers to make sure they work. If you find damage, send it to Rainy Pass Repair and we will get it fixed up during these warm months when you don’t need to use it.
  3. Clip off old lift tickets and get all of the goodies out of the pockets- the last thing you want to find next fall is a pocket full of melted chocolate bar or old chap stick.
  4. Wash and waterproof your coat and pants so that they are fresh and clean for next season. We recommend McNett GearAid products for doing this at home, or you can send it to us to take care of this chore. We are offering 20% off all laundry services through May 13, 2016- call for details, 888-747-7867.