Summer is here, and the time is right to get outside and have an adventure. Are you always on the go, and not sure how to find a new camping spot without doing tons of research? Are you ready to get out there but need some help with packing and meal planning? Never fear! We made a list of some great apps to help you plan and execute a great camping or hiking trip.

These are our faves for deciding where to go:

Chimani National Parks is a must-have if you are visiting US National Parks. This free app includes maps, park news, and up-to-date park event information.

CampFinder will let you browse campgrounds and RV parks through the USA and search by activity or amenities. It costs $3, but has great ratings.

WTA Trailblazer features the WA Trails Association database in an easy to use app- it is great for finding beautiful hikes all over WA state. Those of your outside of WA state might like AllTrials when searching for a great hiking spot.

Gaia GPS for all of your backcountry topographical map needs, plus other cool mapping features and weather reports.

Footpath Route Planner helps you to map your route before you go. Good for hikers, runners, or cyclists.

Prepare for your trip and stay organized:

You don’t have to worry about leaving the house without your essential gear and goodies when you use Camping Checklist. Also helps you create a shopping list and prepare for music festival fun.

Coleman® the Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner lets your search menus by meal, ingredient, or cooking method.

Use your phone’s GPS to record workout details from your hikes with MapMyHike and see how far you have gone using the interactive map.

Stay safe and connected with these apps:

Cairn provides crowdsourced cell phone coverage data and helps you find your group when you are meeting up in the wilderness. Also features topo maps and sends info to loved ones of you are overdue getting home.

GasGuru helps you find the cheapest or closest gas station.

American Red Cross’ First Aid app is a good one to always have on hand- they also made one for pet first aid!

Keeping Busy:

Answer a few simple questions and Merlin Bird ID  will tell what bird is flying around your campsite. Make sure to have your binoculars handy for this one.

Just look up and SkyMaps will identify stars and constellations directly from your hand held device.

KnotGuide will keep you busy with everything from the Clove Hitch to the Monkey’s Paw! Remember to bring some rope, it is not included with the app.

Get the whole gang singing with CampFire Songs . A boy scout favorite, acoustic guitar not included.

Share Your Experience:

The Outbound is a community driven platform that helps you find a nearby adventure wherever you are. This one is great for last minute adventurers or finding hidden gems in unexpected places.

Yonder lets you post pics from your adventures and check out what other people are doing near by. It is a great way to find new hikes and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.

When all else fails, put your phone in airplane mode but don’t forget your built in camera- a well placed selfie will help you remember the fun your had outside when you are stuck in the car or the office next week!

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