It is no secret that Rainy Pass Repair does some of the finest outdoor gear repairs and alterations in the industry- but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a crack at it too!

Gear repairs and modifications can be a lot of fun, as long as you have some patience and sewing skills. We recommend an industrial sewing machine for heavy duty repairs, but some folks make it work by sewing by hand with upholstery needles.

The only real limitation we have seen is when you want to replace a waterproof zipper or make alterations to GORE-TEX® garments. GORE-TEX® requires special seam tapes and presses to keep the seams waterproof, and this equipment is expensive and not readily available to the public. For work on GORE-TEX® or other waterproof breathable fabrics, you can always send it to us and know that when you get it back it will still be waterproof and looking as good as new.

Here’s a list of some websites and brick-and-mortar stores where you can source all kinds of materials for fixing, modifying, or making outdoor gear. Give us a call if you have questions about how to approach a repair and we will do our best to talk you through it: 888-747-7867.

Sources for Fabric, Hardware and Findings:

Seattle Fabrics – one of our favorites, right here in town. They have all kinds of fabrics, trims, hardware and even patterns for making gear.

Quest Outfitters – they carry lots of utility fabrics, trims and hardware, plus they have a great zipper selection.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics – they carry an extensive selection of fabrics, plus they have a cool section on their site where you can see their customer’s projects.

Thru Hiker – tons of materials, pattern resources, and great articles- what more could you ask for?

DIY Gear Supply  – we have not used this supplier because they are all the way in Maine, but they have a nice website, lots of options, and we have heard good things.

In Canada: Peak Fabrics

Sources for Down:

Wilderness Logistics

Allied Feather

Heres a tip for sourcing the most inexpensive down- search eBay, craigslist, Goodwill, and garage sales for down comforters, clean it at your local laundromat and harvest the down. Make sure you have a dust mask and a vacuum for cleanup.

Sources for Zippers:

We recommend YKK zippers. Individual sliders can be difficult to source, so sometimes it makes sense to buy the same type of zipper and just use the slider for an easy at home repair.

Dutchware Gear: zippers and hardware for hammocks, tarps and other gear, self proclaimed DIY heaven

Rose City Textiles carries many types of zippers, including waterproof zippers. They also have a shop in Portland, OR.

Wawak is a good source for generic zipper sliders and other sewing supplies.


For foam padding, we used our local pals at the Friendly Foam Shop.

We source leather and leather working tools at another local shop, Macpherson Leather.

Drysuit Gaskets: OS Systems