When we aren’t fixing your gear, we here at Rainy Pass Repair are always excited to learn about new products in the outdoor gear world. We see lots of great, highly technical sleeping bags with awesome features such as waterproof down, elastic baffles, and built in stuff sacks, but we will post out thoughts on those another day! Today we would like to highlight some of our favorite sleeping bag styles that not very technical but are far from ordinary:

SelkBag makes a sleeping bag that is more like a onesie- you can just wake up and go, without getting out of your bag! It is also great for falling asleep at random wilderness destinations, or if you want to look more like the Michelin man in your everyday life.

variety of selk bags

SAZAC Kigurumi makes a variety of super cute animal sleeping bags, and this creepy skeleton too!

fun skeleton sleeping bag

Chum Buddy makes these snazzy shark sleeping bags for all those out there who want to reenact the movie Jaws in their own home. They have a few more variations: the Palligator and Snore-ca. Some are available in kids versions, too!

shark attack!

My personal favorite is the Pizza Sleeping bag available from an etsy shop called B Fiber and Craft. You can even order custom toppings!

pizza party sleeping bag

Have you ever wanted an alternative to your dog crowding himself into your sleeping bag on chilly nights? The BarkerBag is a great solution, so donate to their kickstarter if you want to see this on the market. Here is a more thorough review from the GearCaster.



Do you have your own favorite style of sleeping bag? Post about in in the comments below!