We are big fans of reusing and re-purposing outdoor gear. Everyone loves to get a good deal, and some of the older tents, backpacks, and jackets are just too cool to pass by!

Seattle is basically a mecca for used gear, so we have lots of local options to find great recycled stuff:

Second Ascent in Ballard has all kinds of used gear for hiking, skiing, climbing and cycling. They also offer gear rental.

Recycled Cycles in the U District is a great resource for used and refurbished bikes and parts; and they also offer classes, rentals, and repairs. Right next door is 2nd Base, which offers all kinds of used sporting goods.

I’m a big fan of Goodwill for all types of used gear. If you have the time and patience to do some picking, you can find some killer deals!

For those of your outside the Seattle metro area, there are many online options for great used gear.

eBay and craigslist are full of great deals. Craigslist is awesome because you can sometimes check out the gear before you actually buy, plus you might meet other cool outdoors folks in your community.

GearTrade is a large website featuring all kinds of outdoor gear for sale at deep discounts. You can make an account and sell your own gear on there as well. Selection varies, but you can usually find some good deals.

MEC has an Online Gear Swap that sees a lot of action, plus it’s free to use. This can also be a cool way to meet people in your community who might have common interests.

Lastly, this weekend is the REI Garage Sale in many states. Sometimes you can get slightly damaged gear for a low price and send it to us to be fixed up, for a lower total price than it would be otherwise. Get out there and find some great deals!