We all know that there are a million uses for duct tape. Once you start looking, you will see it everywhere you go… small patches of silver or black shining on coats, tents, or bags where people have made their own temporary repairs.

duct tape coat and pack duct tape down coat duct tape jacket

Duct tape is great in a pinch, but it can actually cause more damage to your gear if you leave it on indefinitely to cover rips or burns. We can remove the adhesive residue, but it is better to use clear tape for temporary repairs so that we can see the shape of the damage and avoid damaging the fabric more when removing the tape.

duct tape delam


This last photo is a great example of why you should NOT use duct tape to repair your Gore-Tex garments: This pair of Marmot pants were otherwise in pretty good shape. The owner had a problem with one of the zippers and duct taped it shut from the inside. They continued to use these pants and sent them in for repair at the end of the season. Since the duct tape was on the INSIDE, the adhesive got into the laminate layer of the material and caused more damage when we removed the tape to get to the zipper.

If you must use duct tape, please put it on the OUTSIDE of the garment! Better yet, go to REI and get some Tenacious Tape– this tape is super strong, does not leave a sticky residue, and will not damage fabrics. Or just send it to Rainy Pass Repair and we will get it fixed the right way!!