With summer fast approaching, more and more folks will be hanging up their keys to hit the streets on their pedals. Here’s some insider tips on customizing your cycling gear to fit your needs and also how to save big money by adding years to the life of your current gear.

Whether you’re taking a casual night ride or commuting, stay safer on your two-wheeled steed by having us add high visibility reflective strips to clothing and bag. Of course, if it’s waterproof fabric, we’ll seam seal it from the inside to retain the waterproofness.


Take a little spill on your bike? Fear not! We can patch up GORE-TEX and other waterproof breathable gear, packs, and some panniers (as long as they are frameless or have a removable frame) to restore them back to their waterproof selves. We’ll patch the damage with fabric that matches the color and weight as closely as possible. Or, you could funk it up by having us add a crazy color patch for some personalized flare. Kudos you- turning that boo-boo into a woo-hoo! As for cycling jerseys and stretchy one pieces, we can fix those up with zig-zag “patches”, AKA biking battle scars. Here’s what I mean:

zig zag cycle shorts

Floppy sleeves? Overheating? Just cant seem to find a place to stick that cellphone or breakfast banana? We can make your gear really work for you by customizing it further, by adding pit zippers, pockets, or altering it for a better fit. Call or email Rainy Pass Repair for more details, or better yet, send or bring you gear in today for a quote!